E-Governonace Projects

Architecture Designing

  • Based on our vast experience in smart card industry, we define the smart card system security architecture which is eventually converted to file control parameters (FCP) to be used in file headers during personalization.
  • We define the architecture according to client/government requirements.
  • Even role based security can be implemented for performing different operations.

Data Enrollment

  • User’s data can be enrolled in text/graphical/biometric form. i.e. personal details, photograph, fingerprint, etc.

Card Personalization

  • Inline smart card (contact/contactless) chip personalization and visual personalization (printing) using Javelin Smart Card Printer.
  • Batch personalization also available requiring minimal human intervention.

Key Management System (KMS)

  • Issues the personalized card and makes it ready for use in field.
  • Generates keys and inserts into user card.
  • Makes key card for authenticating field transactions.
  • Maintains card’s life cycle.

Transaction Software (POS)

  • Perform transaction in field after authenticating via key card/pin.
  • Authenticate user’s fingerprint.
  • Print transaction details.
  • Transfer data in real-time or at a later stage to central server via GPRS/Wi-Fi.

Projects Worked on

  • RSBY
  • Driving License (DL)
  • Certificate of Registration (RC)
  • Financial Inclusion

We provide RSBY solution (Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana) and SCOSTA Card based e-Governance Solutions as well as Key Management System (KMS) in India.